Matthijs Groen
I love working in an environment surrounded by colleagues that inspire me to keep growing to become ‘best-in-class.’. Passion for cutting edge technology, agile development processes and customer collaboration makes working at Kabisa great.


Kabisa is growing and is quickly becoming the go-to technical partner for companies like Philips, ASML, TELE2, Fatboy and Vacansoleil, to name just a few. As a technical consultancy our main focus is on developing very high quality custom web and mobile applications. Because of this we tend to end up with all the coolest projects! Check out our portfolio page on our website for a peak into what kind of stuff we are building.

At Kabisa we work as a team so we keep each other sharp. We make our technology choices explicitly and strive for a mix between solid, trusted and cutting edge. Some Backend technologies we are currently using are Java, Ruby on Rails and Python and on the functional side we are a big fan of Elixir / Phoenix. On the Front-end we use JavaScript with frameworks like React.js and Ember.js but are also watching for new developments in other solutions like Elm and ReasonML. We have been applying Agile Scrum for over 12 years and consider software development an artform and like to see ourselves as craftsmen. We always aim for high quality software that makes our customers smile.

We take pride in supporting our employees in the best possible way and pay a great deal of attention to everyone’s personal qualities and ambition. Knowledge sharing is highly encouraged and we continuously strive for (technical) innovation. At Kabisa, we take pride in becoming “The Best Employer in the Netherlands”, a scientifically backed research contest by the National Talent Development Research 2018/2019 concerning talent development and employment conditions.

Be sure to read our blog post “Why I would like to work at Kabisa” and check out our technical blog page “the Guild” where our artisans write.


As a software engineer you will be part of our multidisciplinary Scrum team that delivers software iteratively to our customers. Projects varying from mobile to desktop applications, from community websites and webshops to reservation systems and chat applications. Together with the team you are responsible for designing, realizing, delivering and maintaining working software. You contribute to the continuous improvement of the development process and the organization. You co-create with our customer and are open to apply new (future) techniques in projects. You are able to fulfill different roles, such as architect, technical designer and developer.


The customers that choose to work with Kabisa have a very high standard when it comes to service and reliability. Our ideal candidate has several years of proven experience as a front- or back-end developer. Possession of an IT-related Bachelor degree is preferable, but proof of real world experience on a similar intellectual level will also work. Your personality plays an important role. You aim for top quality and are able to work in a multidisciplinary team. Besides providing the best short-term technical solutions, you also make sure that the software you build will provide in the customer’s needs for years to come while also making sure the cost of change is always as low as possible. Stepping outside your comfort zone and learning new languages ​​and techniques are challenges you gladly accept. Craftsmanship is important! For our clients you will not merely be the excellent developer they need, but can act as a functional sparring partner just as easily.

You have experience with one or more of the following tools / techniques:

We think it is important that you are already situated in The Netherlands.

Kabisa collects, as a responsible member of the Personal Data Protection Act the personal information you provide and uses it to handle your application and to help you further within Kabisa (We keep your data in our database until four weeks after the end of the application procedure). More information about the processing of your personal data and privacy can be found in our Privacy Statement.

Do you have any questions?

If you have a question about this vacancy, please contact Vivian Say via +31 495 430 798.

Acquisition based on this vacancy will not be appreciated.

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Vivian Say
Recruiter / Account Manager
+31 495 430 798
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