Emacs vs. Vim (vs. RubyMine)

Ariejan de vroomPosted by Ariejan de Vroom on 9-5-2014

Real programmers use Emacs. No Vim. No… the discussion is endless and comes up every few months. It’s no different at Kabisa. Although there are no Emacs-users here (because Vim is the better editor, right?).

real programmers

If you thought this blog post was going to praise Vim as the better editor and burn JetBrains’ RubyMine down to the ground, you were wrong.

Editors are tools, used by developers to transform their thoughts and ideas into a format understandable by a computer program (the compile or interpreter). Writing code is fun, but can also be very repetitive and sometimes an outright tedious job (I’m looking at you, Java). Having a good editor, one you know how to use, is essential. It takes away a lot of the day-to-day pain in writing software and give you powerful control over the code you write.

But, really, which one is best?

There is no universal answer to that question. Each editor or IDE has its own pro’s and cons. Some are easier to master than others. Some do a lot for you out of the box, whereas others require you to add your own plugins and customization. Are you a console aficionado, or do you prefer the ease and clarity of GUI’s? Are you okay with your editor just supporting Java or Ruby, or do you want your editor to support you when you do some lunchtime coding in Go as well?

Your editor is a tool you use almost all day, every day. You should feel comfortable using it and make you the most productive developer you can be. It seems only logical that, at Kabisa, there is no rule that says what editor you must use. Use whatever editor is comfortable to you, as it will make you a happier developer.

Ariejan de vroom

Ariejan de Vroom

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