Devoxx 2012: Talks roundup

Niels klein 300x300Posted by Niels Stevens on 26-11-2012

This year Kabisa attended the Devoxx University Days in Antwerp, Belgium. There were lots of interesting talks, here’s a short summary.

‘First steps with Scala’ by Dick Wall and Bill Venners

‘First steps with Scala’ was a talk by Dick Wall and Bill Venners targeted at (Java) developers interested in Scala. It demonstrated the very basics of Scala and at some points compared Scala to Java.

A lot of stuff they showed was also demoed in the Scala REPL giving a kind of hands-on feeling to the whole talk.

Scalas functional programming paradigm was also discussed, explaining some of the basics of functional programming and how to use it in Scala.

Dick and Bill are very passionate about Scala so it’s awesome to watch them talk about it, very inspiring.

## Rapid Application Development with Play 2 by Peter Hausel

‘Rapid Application Development with Play 2′ was a talk by Peter Hausel of Typesafe, the company behind Scala en the Play framework.

The talk went through the basics of application development with Play. It showed what a typical Play project is structered like and what are the main advantages of developing applications with Play.

Play is actually very comparable to Ruby On Rails. Play has obviously taken a lot of inspriation from Rails, the project’s structure for example very much resembles the structure of a Rails app.

Quite unique is the fact that all Java or Scala code you edit in a Play app is automatically recompiled and reloaded. Of course you could also do this with a tool like JRebel, but the Play framework offers this just out of the box. Neat!

10 Months of MongoDB at Nokia Entertainment Bristol by Tom Coupland

’10 Months of MongoDB at Nokia Entertainment Bristol’ was a talk by Tom Coupland. Tom works at Nokia, Bristol UK as a Java backend developer. In his talk he described the process of moving from a traditional relational databsae (MySQL in this case) to MongoDB.

Tom described the reasoning behind their move and the challenges they faced, both technically as well as other issues, like getting the team on board for using MongoDB. The talk was very interesting for us since Kabisa recently also used MongoDB at large scale in Kabsia’s first product, ECA. A lot of challenges Nokia faced were also faced by the developers at Kabisa. It was good to see that Nokia’s expierence with MongoDB so far has been exactly the same as Kabisa’s; excellent!

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