CamelOne 2013

Niels klein 300x300Posted by Niels Stevens on 9-7-2013

Last month I had the privilege of attending the CamelOne 2013 Conference thanks to Kabisa. The conference gave me the opportunity to meet with some of the creators and core committers of todays most popular open source Apache Foundation products like Apache ActiveMQ, Apache ServiceMix but most and for all: Apache Camel. Besides that, the keynotes I attended opened some new perspectives, which I’m already putting in to practice as we speak. During my 2 day visit I was baffled by the growing interest by the masses not only by small companies like ourselves but also Lockheed Martin, the worlds largest defense contractor. Surprisingly enough Lockheed Martin is developing a Flight information service using Apache Camel and by this means actually contributed to my flight to the USA. Even from the financial sector people are using Camel to integrate their ever growing collection of services together.

‘Working with Apache Camel from HTML5 via hawtio’ by James Strachan was definitely one of the presentation that ‘overwhelmed’ me the the most. You can see Hawtio as a HTML5 Single Page webapp that makes the job of us experienced users even easier to create, debug and deploy camel routes. If you want to find out by yourself you can take a look at the demo over here.

Looking back the trip to CamelOne 2013 was definitely worth it. Learning some new tricks and techniques, providing me the chance to ask some question to solve some bugs (on our current project) but most importantly I found out we’re not the only ones riding the Camel in Europe.

So let’s hope Red Hat will organize another CamelOne next year!

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