Flutter Meetup - FlutterNL below the rivers

EgonGeschreven door Egon Meijers op 12-9-2022

Together with FlutterNL we organise a Flutter Meetup in Eindhoven. We will share our experiences and learnings with Flutter Web and Pieter van Loon will detail what Slivers are and how to build/use them. Last but not least we’ll have another round of Lightning Talks! ⚡️ (5 minute short talks) where we’d like to hear what you are doing with Flutter. You must have built something cool or learned something over the summer break, right? This is your time to shine and share it with us! Send us your topic via email or Slack. The meetup will be in English.

Buckle up, RSVP “Yes” to this meetup and see you on October 13th in Eindhoven!

The agenda (WIP)

The Flutter team announced last year that Flutter for web reached the stable milestone. Software engineers from Kabisa will present their hands-on experience with Flutter Web. They will talk about what to keep in mind when you build a web application with Flutter, and how to keep your application simple in a complex environment. Could it be the perfect choice for your next web adventure?

The talk will touch upon the following points

What are slivers, why do we even use them? And then, how do you build one? We’ll go over the concepts of slivers, discuss when it might make sense to build one yourself and show an example of how to build one.



Please keep your RSVP status up to date! Doing so helps organize the meetup tremendously (with waiting list, capacity planning, food & drinks). Thank you!

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