Cloud & DevOps Community Day: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Joost saanenGeschreven door Joost Saanen op 15-5-2023

In this blog, we’ll delve into the concept of Guilds at Kabisa, shed light on the Cloud Guild, and highlight the invaluable benefits these Guilds bring to our organization.

Guilds at Kabisa

At Kabisa, we believe in creating a work environment that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning. That’s why we have embraced the concept of Guilds, specialized communities organized around specific technology areas. These Guilds, such as Backend, Mobile, Architecture, and UI/UX, provide platforms for professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and enhance their skills in their respective domains.


The Cloud Guild

As the Cloud Guild Lead, my role is to facilitate a vibrant community of cloud enthusiasts within Kabisa. The Cloud Guild is a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about exploring, implementing, and optimizing cloud solutions. Whether it’s leveraging infrastructure as code, mastering serverless architectures, or optimizing cloud costs, our Guild members come together to deepen their expertise and stay ahead of the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

Cloud & DevOps Guild Community Day

Last Friday, we organized an event known as the Cloud Guild Community Day. This day serves as an opportunity for Guild members to collaborate, work on projects, and collectively contribute to our knowledge and skills in cloud & DevOps technologies. The Community Day is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and the benefits of pooling our expertise.


Benefits of a (Cloud) Guild

Joining a Cloud Guild at Kabisa opens up a world of advantages for professionals in cloud technologies. Let’s explore some of the key benefits that make being part of a Cloud Guild an invaluable opportunity:


The Kabisa Cloud Guild offers a multitude of benefits, from knowledge sharing to collaboration, continuous learning, professional growth, and a culture of innovation. Join our Cloud Guild, seize the opportunity to unleash your potential, and be part of a community dedicated to driving excellence in cloud technologies. Excitingly, Kabisa is currently expanding its team and seeking passionate individuals to join us on this incredible journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us and don’t miss out on this chance to be part of our dynamic team.

Over Joost Saanen

Passionate all-rounder with broad interests; from server administration and cloud hosting to UI/UX design and (web) development. Prefers to run and write simultaneously.

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