High Code vs. Low Code: Why not both?

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In recent years, low code solutions have taken a rise up in its popularity across various industries. Even to the extent that it is treated like the answer to every possible question, and therefore eliminating the need for “high code” solutions. However, is this the right approach for the high tech industry?

Low code vs High Code: Why not both?

Space for low code

Practice, experience and opinions of high tech industry representatives learn that there is a place for both of them. In Gartner’s Pace Layered Architecture, the Systems of Record hold master data and capabilities which can be supplied by off the shelf software and low code solutions. The promise which is made here is simple: Business professionals need to have more impact and grip on these kinds of systems.

Where the high code comes in

The Systems of Differentiation represents the processes that makes the organization unique and can be supplied by a mix of low code and high code solutions. The Systems of Innovation (SOI) are perfectly suited to be supplied by high code solutions. Probably the most important reason for that is the high speed of change which is an important factor in the PACE layered architecture. Companies have to deal with an incredible amount of innovation in user interfaces, such as chatbots, AI, AR/VR, mobile web that’s becoming ever more powerful. Low code solutions are simply not designed to act on these changes fast enough.

Next to that, in the SOI layer there is much need for “emotional quality”. These are software components that are visible to customers/end users. So although there can be loads of code/low-code/COTS underneath, on the surface they must appear AND function as ONE system. And that is what can be arranged by high-code only!

Heavy duty A-team

As a partner of leading industry representatives, Kabisa specializes in high code software development. We believe that by bridging the gap between the two approaches, we enable our clients to get the best of both worlds. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers and software architects who speak the high tech language and understand the challenges of the industry.

We are curious how you see it, let us know and let’s have a talk!

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