Studenten workshop Mini Code Retreat

Vivian Say

Geschreven door Vivian Say op

In samenwerking met Hogeschool PXL te Hasselt (België) organiseerde Kabisa op dinsdagmiddag 9 december 2014 een mini code retreat. Code retreat is het herhaaldelijk oplossen van het zelfde...

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Stefan van Raaphorst

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Every strength has it's weakness or maybe a little bit more positively formulated: every force has it's counter force. Dan North, in his keynote speech during the Joy of Coding 2014 brought up the...

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Een verslag van Xebicon 2014


Geschreven door Max op

Tijdens het Xebicon 2014 evenement deelde de van oorsprong Nederlandse IT-dienstverlener Xebia kennis, ervaringen, inzichten en klant cases op het gebied van agile software development en aanverwante...

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DevNation & Docker

Niels Stevens

Geschreven door Niels Stevens op

A little over 2 months back I had the pleasure of attending DevNation conference thanks to Kabisa. While in the first place I visited the conference for it variety of session on Apache Camel and...

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Hello Rails Girls Amsterdam!


Geschreven door ariejan op

Today is a great day. It's the day Rails Girls Amsterdam will introduce 50+ ladies to the wonderful world of Ruby on Rails. Rails Girls is a world-wide phenomenon. The first Rails Girls workshop...

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Sorting displayed data in Ember.js

Patrick Baselier

Geschreven door Patrick Baselier op

I think this subject makes a pretty good candidate for a recipe in the Ember cookbook. As a matter of fact, I suggested this as a pull request, but until it's accepted, I hope this post will help...

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Emacs vs. Vim (vs. RubyMine)


Geschreven door ariejan op

Real programmers use Emacs. No Vim. No... the discussion is endless and comes up every few months. It's no different at Kabisa. Although there are no Emacs-users here (because Vim is the better...

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Kort verslag en leuke reacties van studenten Hogeschool PXL over de Mini Code Retreat die Kabisa organiseerde.